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Basic Computer Courses
iPad and Mac Courses
Other Fun Courses
Windows 10 - Basic
iPad Basics 3/$15
Trace your Family Tree 2/$10
Windows 10 - Advanced 1/$5
iPhone Basics — Beyond Phone Calls 2/$10
Spreadsheets 3/$15
Cleaning Viruses from Your Computer
iPad Apps and Books 3/$15
Word Processing Introduction 3/$15
Photos on the iPad 2/$10


Music on the iPad 1/$5      
More email on the iPad 1/$5
Surfing the web on the iPad 1/$5
Introduction to Cloud Services 1/$5
Talking with Siri on Apple Devices 2/$10
Downloading Pictures and Free Programs 1/$5
Switch to Mac - the Basics 2/$10
Using Dropbox Cloud Services on the Desktop 1/$5
Dropbox Cloud Services on the iPad 1/$5

Skype for Windows Desktop

Digital Photography
Decluttering Your iPad 1/$5

Installing Skype On Your Window's Laptop

Scanning Photos and Documents 1/$5
Using iCloud with your iPad 2/$10  


Scanning Photos and Documents Lab


Podcasts on the iPad and iPhone 1/$5      


Text Messaging on the iPad and iPhone 1/$5      



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