Computer Learning Center at Ewing
Downloadable Course Outlines

Descriptions of these courses (including number of sessions and fees charged) can be found HERE

Introductory Courses:

Introduction to Computing
Introduction to Windows
Viruses, Spyware and Spam, Oh My!

Clean Viruses from your Computer
Windows File Management

Short Courses:

What's Important in a Digital Camera
Moving Photos from Camera to Computer
Scanning Memories
Send and Receive Pictures and Files by Email
Personalize Your Computer

Internet Courses

Introduction to the Internet
Buying and Selling on eBay
Downloading Files from the Internet
Using Email
The Many Faces of Google
Planning Travel on the Web

Productivity Courses

Making Your Computer Run Better
Word Processing

Digital Photography Courses

Digital Photography and Scanners

Fun Things Courses

Making Greeting Cards, Calendars, etc.
iPad Basics

Supporting Practice Files for Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Database Courses
Videos1.wdb (13.8K)
Budget1.wks )1.5K)
ESNSL1.wks (1.5K)
SortFile.wks (1.6K)
GradLtr.doc (4.0K)
Letter1.doc (16.9K)
Martha's.doc (6.7K)