The Many Faces of Google

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Similar Pages

Do you like a result Google found and want more like it? For example, if you're interested in finding sites offering opportunities to volunteer your services and you know one called Volunteer Match, simply search for their site ...

Search [ "Volunteer Match" ]

Then click on the Similar pages link that appears on the bottom line of the first entry of the Volunteer Match result.

You can also find similar pages by using the Page-Specific Search selector on the Advanced Search page, see Sharpening Your Query section or by using the related: search operator, described in the section Using Search Operators, both of which are in Part I. If you expect to search frequently for similar pages, you may want to install a GoogleScout browser button as described in the section Making Google Easier with Google Tools in Part III.

Note: The similar pages feature is most effective on pages that are popular, i.e, that are linked to from many pages.

For more information about the Similar pages link, visit


These problems give you practice in using Google's Similar pages feature. For hints and answers to selected problems, see the Solutions page in the Appendix.

  1. Find a site that will get your name off mailing lists so that you receive less commercial advertising mail. Click on the Similar pages link to find other such sites.

  2. What sites are similar to the Internet Movie Database.

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