The Many Faces of Google

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Why is Google Popular?

This page describes:

Google's Mission and Philosophy

Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google's philosophy is "Do no evil."

What Makes Google Great?

Here are reasons why Google has more users than any other search engine and why those users search more frequently.

For more information on the benefits of using Google, visit

What Can You Find with Google?

Google strives to make it easy to quickly find what you're seeking. The following list shows some of the many types of searches Google can easily do. Click on the type of information to learn how to search for it and click on the examples to see the results of such a search.

Type of Information Examples
Specific person, place, or thing (named entities) Robin Williams, San Francisco, Pennington restaurants
Information on a subject (web sites by topic) Scrabble tips, lasik eye surgery, hybrid cars,
Something you've seen before or know exists what Shakespeare said about lawyers, tax forms, Elvis Presley song lyrics
Answer to a question What is the weather forecast for Ewing, NJ?
How can I book a cheap flight from Newark to London?
What is the approximate value of my car?
How old is Barbara Bush?
What to write or say cover letter when applying for a loan,  create a terrific resumé
Specific site (navigational query),
(this is useful when you know the name of the site)
Someone's phone number or address New Jersey Senator Jon Corzine's office phone number
Map or directions map of parking available near Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA
Financial information current price and stock chart for Google,  current price and stock charts for IBM, Ebay and
Dictionary definition definition of misogyny
Data number of Internet hosts,  the population of China
Translation of a page or text Brandenburg Gate
Similar or related items sites similar to Consumer Reports,  sites similar to SeniorNet
Visual information tennis photos of Andre Agassi,  Dilbert cartoons,  Paris metro map
Personal recommendations, opinions, advice Hawaii travel recommendations, reviews of compact digital cameras or color printers
Recent news what's happened in the last 24 hours?
what's happened in Iraq in the last 24 hours?
Where you can buy something shop for carry-on luggage
browse through the PC Connection catalog
Crunch some numbers 15% of 93.45
8 tablespoons in cups
2 meters + 5 feet
A set of items given a few examples given the Empire State building, Grant's Tomb, and Madison Square Garden, suggest other places to visit in New York

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