The Many Faces of Google

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Image Search

If you're looking for an image, map, graphic, photo, design or drawing, Try Google's Image Search by clicking on the Images link above Google's search box or visiting

Google Images home page

Enter your query and click on the "Google Search" button. Alternatively, enter your query and then click on the Images tab. Google Image Search works best when there are many images available to choose from, e.g., photos of Mount Rushmore.

[ Mount Rushmore ]

Click on the image that interests you. You'll go to a framed page with two parts. On top, you'll see Google's image thumbnail. On the bottom, you'll see the full page on which the image appears.

Browse thumbnail-size images

Clicking on the thumbnail image or on the "See full-size image" link that appears just below the thumbnail image will display the full-size image.

You can save the image to your hard disk by:

  1. Clicking the mouse's right button and selecting "Save As" or "Save Page As" from the pop-up menu
  2. Specifying the save location and the new file name in the Save As dialog box
  3. Clicking the Save button

To view the page containing the image without the thumbnail image on top, click on the page's URL, which appears between the thumbnail image and the page itself following the text "Below is the image in its original context on the page."

Focusing Your Image Search

As with text searches, you can focus your search when it finds too many images. Restrict your results to images that are large, medium, or small by clicking on one of the links that is in the upper right corner on the Images results page.

Screen shot of Google size selection links.

Alternatively, narrow your query by using Google's Advanced Image Search form. To get there, either click on the Advanced Image Search link or go to

Google Advanced Image Search

You can specify:

Option Restrict results to Values
Size images of these relative dimensions small, medium, large
Filetype image files whose names end with the specified suffix jpg, gif, png
Coloration images with the specified color depth black and white, grayscale, full color
Domain a specific site or domain (for a description of site and domain names, see Anatomy of a Web Address in the Sharpen Your Query section in Part I) Domains such as .com, .edu, .nl, or sites such as
 SafeSearch  the specified level of filtering. Be aware that Google's automatic filtering doesn't guarantee that you won't be shown offensive content. none, moderate, strict

The Size restriction refers to the height and width of the image in pixels. The following table lists the approximate dimensions for each relative size specification.

Size Value  Approximate Dimensions 
in pixels
small 150 x 150 or smaller
medium larger than 150 x 150 and
smaller than 500 x 500
large 500 x 500 or larger

For more information on Google's Image Search visit


These problems give you practice with finding images. For hints and answers to selected problems, see the Solutions page in the Appendix.

  1. Find some color charts that show the HTML input to render at least 100 colors.

  2. Google displays special logos on its home page on holidays and birthdays. Find some of these logos. Click on the link "repeat the search with the omitted results included" to view more amusing logos.

  3. Find a photograph of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain to see whether you want to take a vacation and visit the Alhambra.

  4. Obtain a map of the London Underground.

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