Downloading Pictures and Free Programs from the Internet

Steven Kieley

March 4, 2013



Check your download folder

Make one up if you don’t have it (see reverse side)

When choosing to download ANYTHING read carefully the screen choices that come up. If not, you’ll find that your browser, default search provider and other programs may be “highjacked”

Check your internet speed

Go to

Dial-up can be 56/5-10kbs (download/upload) for conversion

Regular cable 5-10/5kbs

FIOS 22-50/5-25 mbs

To download a picture from a website, R-click on a picture and L-click on “save target as”

Make a note of where it’s being saved

To save a portion of a webpage, use the Snipping Tool in Vista, Win 7/8

“Run” vs. “save” in downloading programs:



From an email, choose “view” or “save”

From a video (such as Youtube),

Download the add-in for your browser

OR Search on specific download sites

Preferred downloading sites

Check for ratings of popular downloads

Shows number of downloads completed to judge popularity

Streaming (see diagram on reverse side)

Need computer with HDMI or wireless input

HDMI output if you want to watch on flat screen TV

Check out wireless devices on “PC wireless TV adapter” on Google


Netgear Not compatible with Windows 8

Apple TV. Presently only compatible with Apple devices

Uploading to the “Cloud”


Microsoft Skydrive

Google Cloud


Some Recommended Downloads

CCleaner Download SuperAntiSpyware 5.6.1014 -

Belarc Advisor Belarc Advisor - CNET

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder Auslogics Duplicate File Finder - CNET

Glary Utilities Download Free Glary Utilities -

Links for my Ewing CLC Presentation – 09/06/11 | Mike Tech

Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Security Essentials | DownloadInfo - We Review Software!

SuperAntispyware Download SuperAntiSpyware 5.6.1014 -

Secunia PSI Computer Security - Software & Alerts - Secunia